How does the process work?

Ok. I'm ready for a makeover. Now what?

1. Strategy Session

We will set down and talk design strategy. We will talk about your brand. We will talk about design goals. Which websites do you like, which don't you like. What is your timeframe, budget, expectations, etc.

We will talk about potential features of your site, and how they would work. I will try to discover any special requirements you might have.

2. Written Proposal

I will give you a written proposal, including an estimate of the cost and specific features to be included, as well as a list of functionality which will be considered out of scope.

We can add in additional functionality, but we may need to adjust the estimate in that case.

3. Build Prototype

Upon approval, I will go off and build a prototype which will include enough functionality to get a sense of the look and feel of the site. Some functionality may be missing, and everything will not likely be hooked up yet.

We will review the prototype together and make any adjustments necessary. If things are on track, we will proceed.

4. Build out site

I will build out your site and fill in all the remaining functionality. During this process, I may need things from you like content for the pages, images, etc. It is in your interest to be responsive during this phase, in order to keep the momentum with your project.

I will also set up your email accounts and forwarders, and help you integrate your new email with gmail if you use it.

5. Go Live

Once everything is in place and we are ready to go, we will deploy your site live to the internet. This is the good part because everybody is happy. You are happy because you have a nice new website that the world can see. I'm happy because I am about to get paid.

Your site will be under warrenty for any defects or bugs for a period of 2 months following deployment. During that time any bugs will be fixed completely free of charge. After that time, standard rates will apply, so it is in your interest to be sure everything is working properly within the two months.

6. Hosting

A monthly hosting fee will be a part of the cost of your site. It will depend on the complexity of the site and how much you are able to pay up front. It will include some of my time (typically up to 2 hours) for maintenance and enhancements each month.

This fee will be cut in half after the first year on most plans.

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